lighthouse, Orient Point, NY

“The Spark Plug” Lighthouse, Long Island Sound, NY.



Photo of various species of sharks

Sharks Weren’t Made
For “Fin” Soup!




ACT ... Make A Difference

ACT … Make A Difference







 The Orphans; We Can Help.

The Orphans;
We Can Help.





Gorilla’s Habitat Shrinking!
Does Anyone Care?




 Shelters ... (With Intervention) Needed.

Shelters …
(With Intervention)




 Don't Pollute/Litter ... It Has Consequences!

Don’t Pollute/Litter …
It Has Consequences!



It’s The 21st Century



What's The Point Of This?!

What’s The Point Of This?!




Photo of bees gathering pollen on flowers

Is Wi-Fi What’s Killing
The Bees?


“Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.”

                                                                                           ~ Aldo Leopold